Windows 7 Startup Slow? Proven Tips on How to Speed Up Windows 7 Boot Up Time

When computers are such a basic part of our daily functioning, how can we not suffer from the development of any simple errors in them? It is quite true that after some time, when minor problems develop in our PC, they lead to many errors due to which it cannot work. A very crucial problem is the Windows 7 slow startup, which leads to so much delay.
However, the users have many solutions that can ensure they are able to fix problems like Windows 7 slow boot. One of the solutions is to reduce all the mess that you have created on your desktop. Most of the users have a tendency to store all their items on the desktop apart from so many programs and document shortcuts that they gave.
In addition, a computer user have to ensure that he can find solutions for shortcuts of programs, which start themselves automatically when the computer is booted. So, just enter the control panel and ensure that the option of a program starting itself on boot is changed. However, if the application still starts on booting, the better option is to delete it using the option Add/Remove Programs if it’s not required.
However, in most cases, utilizing a Windows registry cleaner is the best way to speed up Windows 7 boot up time.
The Windows registry is the most crucial part of the computer and it is very important that any error in it should be fixed promptly because it determines the functioning of the PC. Since the Windows has to use all the entries stored in such a registry, a cleaner will organize the mess for you making sure that the Windows does not take much time in executing booting commands using registry. It can surely amend the Windows 7 slow start problem.
So, get a credible Windows registry cleaner software to speed up Windows 7 boot. After scanning and fixing your PC, you will be surprised how fast your Windows 7 startup is.

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