Windows 7 – Permission to Modify Files in This Network Location Error Message

The Dreaded Permission to Modify Files in this Network Location Error Message – How Can I Fix This Common Windows 7 Error?
There is little more annoying than when you are trying to save a message and you get this error. However don’t panic because there are some simple ways to get around it.
Solution 1
It could be that your Eset software is out of date and therefore the best way around it could be to update this as soon as possible. If your software is out of date, the error you are likely to receive is
” The last Eset version:
ESET Smart Security 4
MicrosoftA� WindowsA� 7/Vista/XP/2000
Version: 4.0.474, File size: 35.42 MB,
And changelog from
November 25, 2009 – 4.0.467-4.0.474
ESET Smart Security 4
Fix: Error logs are generated while the personal firewall is disabled after every reboot of the PC
Fix: Problems after PC restart when firewall system integration is in “Only scan application protocols” mode
Fix: Anti-spam boot failure when “Folder Redirection” is set on Windows Server
Fix: Scheduler task is not displaying scan targets
Fix: Graphic User Interface crash when making changes in the exclusions in the spam list
Fix: Slow opening of Office documents from a Windows 2003 server share
Fix: Intermittent error when saving files on Windows 7
Other minor fixes and improvements…”
Solution 2
If you haven’t set up the permissions correctly on your PC or you have a virus then this could be the cause of the error. You’ll need to troubleshoot as follows to fix it:
1 – Take ownership of drive C and drive D and grant permission to the current user profile.
2 – Ensure your anti-virus is up to date and perform a full system scan.
3 – Start your PC in ‘safe mod with networking’ and then save the file in this mode for a test
Solution 3
Start by going to C:Users and finding the ‘your username’ folder, right click on this and choose properties. Once you have done this you should click on the security tab, click edit, then add and then advanced. Once you have done this you should be able to click on find now and choose ‘everyone’. Once you have done this click OK. And now click on ‘full control’, click allow and finally click OK.

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