Windows 7 – How Can I Convince My CTO to Upgrade?

Image result for windows 7When you are the CTO of a company, you have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to the technical direction of your business. You have to worry about the servers that your company is going to use to host it’s applications with. The desktop and laptop computers that the workers will use throughout the day, is also a concern. But one of the biggest concerns that you will have as the CTO of a company, is what technology will keep your business most secured. Computer security in this day and age, is a huge concern and one that must not be taken lightly. The wrong decision can have all of the companies secrets exposed for the world to see. Now, when you are presenting safe choices to your CTO for the operating system that all of your products should run on, you can present Windows 7 as one of the safer options available.
In the past, when an employee would try to sell the ideal of a Windows based operating system running the company’s day to day computing needs, they would have to tout features other than security. They would talk about the ubiquity of the system and how you can cut training time since the OS was one of the most popular in the world. But now that has all changed and you can add security as one of the selling points of the operating system.
In a recent article in CNET, Windows 7 was compared to both Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Linux, when it came to security. After all of the normal test were run, it was shown that there is very little in difference between the security features of all the operating systems. Most of the experts had agreed that Microsoft was able to catch up in a big way to the security practices that other rival operating systems had already implemented. The one big difference was that more malware still targets the Microsoft family of operating systems. Microsoft still had to maintain some sort of backwards maintainability, so old threats could still affect the system if they were left unchecked. But if you use Windows 7, you are able to block these threats better than before. With the UAC and other security measures that you can implement in Windows 7, you can not only have top notch security on a network basis, but you can have it on a per console basis as well.
If you want to have a secured working environment, you can now feel good about picking a Windows based product. People have always been hesitant in using Microsoft products, if they wanted to keep their data secured. With the new Windows 7 operating system, that concern is no longer needed.

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