Windows 7 Home Premium Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) – Simple Fix Given Here To Prevent It

You may receive a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) when Windows 7 Home Premium is turned on. In this situation your computer restarts automatically.
Windows 7 Home Premium Blue Screen Of Death may occur due to various reasons such as low disk space, virus infection, incorrect internal Windows settings and so on.
Below are outlined few steps to fix Windows 7 Home Premium Blue Screen Of Death.
* Download and install a security program (Antivirus) to scan your system for viruses and infections. Clean your system using antivirus program and restart your computer.
* There are lots of temporary files stored on system which include temporary Internet files, downloaded program files, thumbnails, browser cache and so on. These junk files consume more space on disk which is unnecessary.
Errors similar to Windows 7 Home Premium Blue Screen of Death may occur when there is no disk space available to perform various operations on the system.
In the same way, sometimes there is problem in the registry of computer. Windows registry is very sensitive part of operating system and manual modification is not recommended unless you are an advanced user of computer.
To remove junk files and fix registry related errors, download and install a reliable registry cleaner and PC optimizer software on your system.
* Oftentimes newly incompatible software program results in Windows 7 Home Premium Blue Screen of Death. In this situation you have to remove the software from your computer.
Follow these simple steps:
a. Click on the Start button.
b. Go to Control Panel.
c. Select the program that you recently installed on your computer.
d. Remove it from your computer.
e. Restart your computer.
* After performing above step, now restore your system. Method is given below.
a. Click on Start on taskbar.
b. Move to All Programs.
c. Then Accessories.
d. In the System tools there is an option System Restore.
e. Click on that.
f. Follow instructions.
g. Done.
* There may be bad sectors on your disk causing Windows 7 Home Premium Blue Screen of Death. This happens due to power failure and unauthorized techniques to shutdown your PC. So, you should repair the bad sectors on your hard disk by applying following steps.
1. Double Click on My Computer.
2. And in the drive where operating system is installed, for instance its C. Right-click on drive C.
3. Select Properties.
4. Click on Tools and then Check Now.
5. Click on Start button.
6. Wait until operation is completed successfully.

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