What to Know About Windows 7 and Viruses

With Windows 7 just out, many are wondering if the same issues with virus problems are going to exist on this operating system. Learn what you need to know about Windows 7 and it’s relationship to viruses.
Does Windows 7 have virus problems like previous versions?
Unfortunately there are still virus issues. This is because the people who make virus problems enjoy targeting the most popular operating system to cause the most amount of people possible.
Do you still need to have virus protection when using this operating system?
Of course, it’s important to always have active protection. This is because there are new threats that come out each week. Don’t put yourself at risk by not having any protection.
Is there some good protection out there for Windows 7?
When the operating system came out there is a new protection program from Microsoft called Microsoft Security Essentials. This is a free program that does a better job that the previous Windows Defender. Since it’s a free download, you may as well use it. Also consider using some other free virus and spyware programs that are available.
If you upgrade to this new system, will the viruses go away?
For the most part, you will get rid of your virus issues if you have them going from Vista to this new version. You might consider whether an upgrade versus a clean install is best for you. If you know what you are doing, making the best choice for your hardware is something to consider.
The reason is because with a clean install, you will have a system that is 100% guaranteed to be rid of virus and spyware issues that were previously there. Also you will be able to start out fresh with a new operating system. Be sure to read about your specific system whether upgrades or clean installs work the best.

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