Restore Missing Hard Drive Space Now

Image result for Missing Hard Drive SpaceGetting warning messages informing you about low disk space? The hard drive space meter shows almost reaching capacity? Low disk space on a hard disk can affect the performance of your computer. The best thing to do is to restore hard drive space. One of the quickest ways to restore hidden hard drive space or lost files is to launch the Disk Cleanup utility that comes with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. You should be able to find the program under Start, All Programs, Accessories, Systems Tools. Consider scheduling a time one a month to run the Disk Cleanup utility.
Select which drive you want to clean up and then press OK.
After selecting the drive, you then select which files to delete.
1.Recycle Bin – deleted files that are not permanently deleted from your hard drive.
2.Compress old files – file that have not been accessed in over a period of time.
3.Catalog files for the Content Indexer – files that contain and index, thus speeding up file searches.
The next tab More Options shows other ways of freeing up space on your computer. By removing optional windows components or programs that you do not use, can free up allot of additional hard drive space.
Starting with Windows Components, uncheck the components you do not need. Next is to go through programs that you don’t need. That is the largest way that can free up hard drive space.
You can also choose to remove all but the most recent restore points. If you have accumulated multiple restore points, you should be comfortable with the most recent few instead of keeping all the restore points you ever created. Its similar to backup sets, why keep all of them when you only need the most successful full backup and the differentials backup.
Click Yes then OK and you are now presented with a warning. Click YES to proceed or NO cancel.
Once Windows completes removing unnecessary files from the computer, the clean up closes.
If you have Norton system works installed;
The next step is to right click on the Norton Protected Recycled Bin then select Empty Norton Protected Files. You are then presented with the total number of protected file in your entire system and also that of other users.
You are done; now check Windows Explorer to see an increase in hard drive space. Here is a link to Windows Clean-up for more information.

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