Random Likes And Dislikes About Windows 7

If you are thinking about getting Windows 7 or have started using it, be prepared for changes and differences that you aren’t used to. Some of these changes are positive and some negative. In my view, there are a few positive additions and negative ones.
What is it that some people are really liking about Windows 7?
The file explorer is much nicer than before. The library feature is great. You can take your favorite folders and put them all in one place to quickly access your files no matter where they are stored.
It’s faster than Vista. It tends to use less ram and resources which helps everything on the machine run faster.
Windows 7 seems to have a broad range of driver support. When Vista came out a lot of hardware did not work with it, but Windows 7 has this under control. You will notice that most hardware that you have purchased in recent years is going to work on this operating system without as many problems.
The taskbar is quite a bit better. You can drag applications back and forth while open. It kind of works like a dock but still has the traditional taskbar feel.
What are a few of the things that people don’t like about Windows 7?
The show desktop button is stuck on the bottom right and so far there doesn’t seem to be a way to move it. When you are used to it being on the bottom left, it can be annoying.
Some programs don’t want to open up. These generally are really old applications that you might have held on to for quite sometime. If you find something that doesn’t open, there is probably a modern day replacement.
Overall though, it’s a great upgrade to use especially if using Windows Vista at the moment.

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