Optimize Windows 7 – Must-Know Tips to Optimize Windows 7 Performance to the Top

If you are always being troubled by the slow Windows 7 performance and want to optimize it to the top, here are some tips that you must know. These will help you easily optimize Windows 7 performance without consuming too much.
1) Disable some unnecessary visual effects. Please note that the gorgeous visual effects are at the expense of reducing computer speed. So to enhance and optimize Windows 7 performance, what you must do first is to disable the unneeded visual effects. Just right click right click on “Computer” and choose “Properties” ->click on “Advanced System Settings” from the left pane to open up the System Properties window -> Select “Advanced” tab -> Click “Settings” within “Performance” tab -> Choose “Custom” option -> uncheck the unneeded options. Normally, the last four options are enough.
2) Increase Windows 7 boot speed. Though compared with Vista, Windows 7 boots significantly faster, there are still some ways to further improve its performance: Click “Start” -> type ‘msconfig’ in the search box and press “Enter”(you could also press “[WIN] +R” to open Run window) -> select “Boot” and then “Timeout” tab. If you have only installed Windows operating system, directly set it to 3s from the default 30s; if you have multiple operating systems installed on your computer, first set the value to the desired amount of seconds you would like to have at boot time and then check “No GUI Boot” tab. Then click on “Advanced Options” to set the “Number of processors” to the highest number available.
3) Remove the unused startup items. Too many programs boot at the same time will greatly slow down Windows 7 performances. You should press “[WIN] +R” to open “Run” window and type “msconfig” to access system configuration, go to “Startup” tab and uncheck the items that do not need to automatically run at Windows Startup.
4) Disable Windows Aero theme. The Windows Aero Glass interface for Windows 7 Vista requires a decent video card, memory and CPU usage. For those who want to optimize Windows 7 performance, it is recommended to disable Aero. Just right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize, then you can simply scroll the themes down until you see the Basic themes.
5) To optimized Windows 7 performance, what you also must do is to disable sound theme. Right click on the empty area of desktop and choose the option “Personalize” -> Scroll to the end of the Personalize Window and click “Sounds” link -> Select “No Sounds” from the list of “Sound Scheme” options and click the OK button.
Optimize Windows 7 with the simple must-know tips above will return you a faster computer with stable performance quickly.

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