New Smart Bed Unveiled at CES 2018 That Can Adjust Itself to Stop Your Snores

A US-based company has developed a Wise Mattress Which can automatically Correct itself in order to stop one from snoring and provide maximum comfort for a sound sleep.

The wise bed, unveiled by Sleep Number at the CES 2018 trade show in vegas, mechanically adjusts to assist both partners sleeping comfortably through the night.


The mattress provides self-adjusting comfort during the night. As sleep places change throughout the nighttime, each spouse can sleep comfortably. The technology adjusts the mattress’s relaxation in real time through the two air chambers within the mattress – lightly contouring to each partner’s side, rear or stomach profiles.


It’s also equipped with a automatic snore detection and adjustment. The adjustable foundation automatically adjusts to every sleeper’s perfect position throughout the night. For example, if someone is snoring on their back, the foundation automatically raises the snorer’s head seven degrees to help temporarily relieve the symptoms of ordinary, moderate snoring in otherwise healthy adults.


The mattress also understands the user’s bedtime routine and warms the foot of their mattress mechanically. Smart alert feature frees people up when they are in their lightest stage of sleep during their desired wake-up period window.


The Wise mattress was named the CES Innovation Awards “Best of Innovation” Honoree in the Home Appliances category.

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