Introducing the BitLocker to Go

Microsoft is now introducing the new BitLocker to Go for Windows 7 users to protect their confidential data.
Protecting sensitive information is critical for enterprises. Companies must protect their data from their rivals and should protect their financial figures from media.
Even if the company is going to revise its organization, just think how rumors spread among employess. So guess what might happen all documents of your managers are in sight without their permission by a black hat method.
Even in personal use, people might want to protect their personal information from unauthorized users. Even the data storage device is stolen they will surely want to guarantee that their data will not be able to read by unwanted users and will be secure.
If you are registering to web sites requiring membership, you know that it is not easy to keep your username and password secure.
Probably you will use the same username and password for all web site registrations. This is totally an unsecure behavior. Please keep away from such a solution.
An other probability may be that you are using an application for keeping passwords. That may be a solution. But you may not trust such password tools. That is your choice.
Another solution is using different usernames and passwords for each web site registration. But since it is impossible to keep all in mind, you are going to write them on a notebook or save all in your computers drive.
In such a situation, you require to take the safety of your username and password files.
I personally used the MS Private Folder on Windows XP for safety of password files.
But Windows Vista and Windows 7 have new tools for encrypting the computer’s disk drives or removable devices. Windows BitLocker to Go enables to encrypt and secure disk storage media and the contents of this media.
Especially for companies by implementing strict policies, BitLocker will enable a total security for sensitive data.

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