How to Reset a Windows 7 Password If You Have Forgotten It

The latest version of Windows operating system(OS) is the well-known Windows 7. It was released on July 2009. I guess you enjoyed using it. However, you are so unlucky today as you have forgotten or lost your Windows 7 password? That’s why you are reading this article. Am I right?
Now, I will share with you the easiest way to reset your Windows 7 password. The preparation time is about 15 minutes. In order to reset your Windows 7 password, you need to use a password reset disk. This disk can only be used for your computer only. You can create this disk in your Windows control panel. In case you have forgotten your password, you can use it to reset your password.
Usually, people will not create such disk. I guess that’s because they are not aware that there is such a function in Windows OS or they believe that they won’t forget their password. What if you have not created it before and you stuck at the Windows 7 login screen? It’s simple; you need to find a Windows password resetter that is available in the market now. The cost of those password resetter software is usually $30-$50, depends on which website you choose to buy from.
After making payment, the next thing is to download the software from their website, follow by the following 5 steps.
1. Burn the data into an empty CD, insert this CD into your CD-Rom and restart your computer
2. Set your BIOS to run boot with CD-Rom so that Windows will load the CD first.
3. You will see a DOS interface and choose the account that you want to reset your password.
4. Set your BIOS back to boot with hard drive instead of CD-Rom.
5. Restart your computer and login with your new password.
That’s it; do you think it is simple enough? This is the easiest and fastest way to reset your Windows 7 password. In fact, this method works for other Windows OS as well such as Windows vista, Windows xp and Windows 2000.
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