How to Make Windows 7 Faster – 5 Simple Guidelines to Have Your Windows 7 Run Faster in Minutes!

Ever wonder how to make Windows 7 faster? Are you fed up with the endless responding time, especially when you need an instant access to data for your clients that sit in front of you? Try the following guidelines, you will boost Windows 7 efficiency easily and quickly.
1. Limit the number of software installed. Too many programs are one of the major reasons that slow down your pc, whatever systems you use. Redundant programs take up hard disk, frequently request system to initiate maintenance, making Windows unnecessarily slow to response. If you wonder how to make windows 7 faster, good habits like uninstalling a software immediately after you are done using it are to be cultivated.
2. Manage hard disk. Hard disk plays a vital role in regarding system speed, as all files are stored in it and called by system when needed. Any operation that involves files processing will cause file fragments. With time, increasing number of fragments require more and more time for Windows 7 to “assemble” them before being able to execute a program, which definitely leave a slow system and may also cause damage to your hard disk. A regularly system defragment is a must to make Windows 7 run faster.
3. Protect your computer from virus and malware. Although Microsoft takes a lot of energy and efforts to combine an inner security program that comes with Windows 7, it is not that effective, for it provides only basic security means. You need to be cautious when downloading applications and when visiting websites, always make sure their sources are clean and reliable. Having a more professional 3-party security software is also a feasible way to protect your Windows 7.
4. Setup power settings correctly. As an special service for Windows 7 and Vista, power settings make possible the manual configuration of system performance. If you want to figure a way how to make Windows 7 faster, try setting “high performance” in control panel, you will see a positive result.
5. Take good care of your registry. This is maybe the most imperative way to make Windows 7 faster in running. Windows 7 performance largely depends on the condition of registry, which is a huge database that records all information of your hardware, software and system as various entries. Broken or junk entries can do nothing but put Windows 7 in harm’s way. Carefully cleaning up registry with Registry Easy can save you a lot of troubles in dealing with system performance problems.

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