How to Fix Windows 7 Slow Shutdown

Image result for windows 7Have you ever suffered from Windows 7 slow shutdown problems? This is a very common problem which many people experience. Sometimes the computer will switch off properly, but other times the computer will take a long time to shut down or it might not actually be able to shut down which could put the safety of your files in danger.
Sometimes the problem which causes windows 7 to be slow to shutdown is because of certain programs on your computer. If there are applications such as antivirus scanners then these can cause errors or even prevent the computer from shutting down at all.
To find out whether or not an application is causing a problem then you can check this by opening control panel and clicking on performance information and tools. This may give information about the problems which prevented your computer from shutting down last time it was a problem.
Another thing which can prevent your computer from shutting down is because of popups which appear on your computer. Sometimes these might tell you that your computer simply isn’t able to turn off for some reason. To resolve this you can click start and type . Then change the administrative templates to remove the automatic termination of applications when shutting down.
You will also need to ensure that your computer is running smoothly. Make sure that your computers hard drive is not fragmented. Defragmenting your hard drive will ensure that it can work properly and shut down quickly. Open the disk defragmenter on your computer and run it on a regular basis. This will speed up your PC and make it much quicker to work.
If there are any problems with the windows registry then this can make it very difficult for your Windows 7 to shut down. Run a registry scan on a regular basis to ensure that your computers registry is in good condition. These registry scanners will search for any errors and make it possible to correct them.

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