How to Add Folders to the Taskbar in Windows 7 With 2 Independent Stacks

Image result for Add Folders to the TaskbarWith Windows 7, Microsoft has completely reworked its approach to the task bar, which now sports a more osx-like appearance. You can ‘pin’ programs from the taskbar, which is now more widespread as a quick start. The only drawback to this new feature, however, is the inability to add folders to the taskbar.
Sure, the Explorer default folder is pinned permanently, but if you try to create a shortcut for, say, the D: Music, will be deposited to the list Jump right click option in Explorer icon. So, by default, you can add an icon or a separate entrance to your favorite’s folder on the Windows taskbar 7.
But there are solutions to those problems and the most effective we have found is with the use of independent program Pile 2.
The software simulates the function of ‘Stack’ on OSX, which are little shortcut icons that let you browse folders on your computer via a small pop-up, without having to open the browser window itself , windows 7 help is also provided by Microsoft in its site.
To create a new Stacks, all you have to do is run independently Pile 2, select “new Stacks”, go to the desired folder and choose to pop up in the address field. An icon appears on the desktop, which can be stuck in the taskbar by right-clicking on it and choosing ‘Pin to the taskbar. We recommend changing your icon before doing so, because once that was covered, the icon cannot be changed.
By clicking the Stacks icon on greenfield sites in the taskbar, you see a pop-up transparent either a ‘stack’ vertical design of the files in the folder or the design of a “network” of files. You can click through the pop-up and navigate through it as you would with a browser window normal. Moreover, the last option of the network or the Stacks lets you open the folder in Windows Explorer standard
Independent Stacks 2 is a simple and effective way to add folders to the Windows taskbar 7. And, of course, if you are on Windows 7, you can afford the same features of a desktop icon.

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