Fresh Features of Windows 7

Libraries: This fresh feature of Windows 7 works to combine the information from multiple sources into a one folder and it is known as a virtual folder. In fact, it is a list of available multiple data sources. Because of this innovative feature, most of the common user folders in Windows 7 have to be renamed as Personal Windows 7 Downloads, Personal Documents, Personal Music, Personal Videos, and Personal Photos.
VAN: This feature may sound a complex one, but it a whole new kind of virtual network, that’s all. This feature is very helpful as it lets you to see all the available networks and connections, straightly from the computer tray.
BranchCache: This feature will be helpful for IT Admins and branch office users. Using BranchCache, Windows 7 users can open a file or Intranet content on a Windows 2008 R2 server. The next time, the same Windows 7 computer or a different Windows 7 computer, requires that file or Intranet content, to work much faster because it has been cached before. And BranchCache has the power to operate in two modes, one is Hosted Cache and the other is Distributed Mode.
Taskbar: The Windows 7 Taskbar is the most significant feature which is 10 pixels taller when compared with taskbar of Windows Vista. This taskbar holds touch screen input and a new bigger icon size.
Some of the other new features of Windows 7 that helps in saving power and speeding up Windows are:
Super Fast Wake up and Boot: These Windows 7 utilities enable your computer to start up faster when it is in the sleeping or standby mode. It also helps to boot up quickly when computer with Windows 7 is powered on from a cold boot.
Smart Network Power: This feature helps the computer to turns off the power if there is no any cable connection with it.
Wake on LAN for Wireless: This feature brings in the long-familiar wired Ethernet option to all wireless networks.

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