Finding Files And Folders In Windows 7

It used to be easy to search for things that we wanted. You used to be able to click on start and there was a search icon. With Windows 7 when you click Start there is no search icon.
What should I do?
When you click start you will see a narrow rectangular blank space that you can type words,letters or numbers in. If you look closely it says: “Search programs or files.” Be sure to click inside the box and start typing whatever you want to find. As you type you will see names of files or programs that contain the letters or name you have typed. Once you see what you are looking for just double-click it and it will open.
What about folders?
You will need to open the folder you want to search. In the upper right hand corner of the screen you will see a rectangular box. Start typing what you are looking for. If it exists in the folder it will show up on the screen inside of the folder window. You can double-click the folder or document to open it or to do other functions.
What if I want to do the same search several times?
You can save the search. Run the search as shown above. On the menu bar you will see “Save Search”. Left click the words and it will bring up a dialog box. Here you can type whatever file you want to search for. Once completed, click the save button.
What if none of this works?
You may not have called the file what you thought you did. You may have stored it in an external drive other than your main drive. It may just be in a different folder that you thought it was. The biggest problem is misspelling. When you search try spelling it wrong purposely. You may need to look at files one at a time. One way to prevent this is to do “Save As”. This lets you pick a place to store it and you can name it at the same time.
Where are my files stored?
By default they are stored in My Documents. In window 7 it My Documents is under Documents. The exception is if you manually pick a different location. My Documents is the first place to look if you can’t find a file or document of any kind.

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