Easy Fix For Windows 7 Error 126

Image result for Fix For Windows 7The Windows 7 error 126 may come across the screen and show a description “ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND The specified module could not be found.” along with a DLL file name. The solution of this error is simple depending up on the circumstances of the error.
Following are the steps that you need to execute to fix this problem:
1. The Installation of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is Corrupted
2. Repair the Registry State
3. Make Registry modifications
4. Expand the Original File
5. Check All the System Files
6. Restore the System State to an Earlier
Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++
The redistributable package of Microsoft Visual C++ may be corrupted and showing Windows 7 error 126. The recommended action is to reinstall it with using the setup available at Microsoft’s website.
Repair the Registry State
Obsolete and broken registry entries lead to various problems in the working of your computer. The Windows 7 error 126 may also be the result of such problems.
What you need to do is to clean the registry using good and reputed Registry Cleaner and PC Optimizer software.
Make Registry Modifications
You need to modify the registry properly in order to remove the references pointing out to a specific file that no longer exists. For example, in case your computer is showing Windows 7 error 126 with file, you need to make the following changes to the registry. It is better to use a Registry Cleaner though.
1. Click Start.
2. Type RegEdit in the Search box.
3. Press ENTER.
4. Navigate the below registry path:
5. Double click the string called SQL Server.
6. Make sure whether the target file referred by this string is present or not. Generally, this string refers to the below file:
7. If the target file is not present, then close the Modify dialog and delete the string SQL Server.
8. Close Registry Editor.
Expand the Original File
Using the Windows 7 installation media, copy the original file that is missing on your system. We will do this action through Command Prompt as shown below:
1. Insert Windows 7 installation media.
2. Click Start.
3. Type CMD in the Search box.
4. Right click it and select Run as Administrator option.
5. Type the following command after replacing the word XXX with the name of the file specified in the Windows 7 error 126:
Expand d:i386XXX.dl_ C:WindowsSystem32.
6. Press ENTER key to execute it.
Check All the System Files
Corrupted system files often cause Windows 7 error 126. You have to scan the system files for corruption and replace whichever necessary.
You shall use a built-in utility called System File Checker (SFC). To do so, click Start, then Run. Type SFC/ ScanNow and press ENTER key. Follow the installation wizard and restart the computer after completion.
Restore the System State to an Earlier Date
The System Restore tool can be used to restore your computer to an earlier state and thereby resolve Windows 7 error 126. It is available in your Start menu and can be accessed as below:
1. Click Start.
2. Type System Restore in the Search box.
3. Press ENTER.
4. Follow the instructions that you see on your screen.
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