Can SEO Become Easy With WordPress Plugins?

SEO For WordPress
SEO For WordPress

Perhaps, but it seems like search engine ranking comes easy to some websites for absolutely reason, huh? I know it appears that way sometimes because you’re trying everything you can do but just can not out rank your competition no matter what. Truth is that the major search engines are nothing but emotionless robots with no soul, they crawl your web pages and report back it’s findings either good or bad to the all mighty boss of search. So how do you make friends with this little spider bot that sees all the mistakes on your website? You can learn about keyword placement, title tags, and so on, or you can use a unique piece of software that will do all the work for you, it it a robot of sorts so it understands their language so to speak. You can go insane trying to please the search results as they always seem to change with a algorithm update.

So what can you do? First off never think you can trick the search engines because your not smarter than they are, period. It is all pretty much common sense, when you search for something is the first page results usually correct? This gives you an idea of what these bots look for including but not limited to page rank, backlinks, domain age, uniqueness, and of course relevancy. Just because a website has been around for a few years and got a solid page rank does not mean it is always the best choice for the searcher, if you are planning on a website of a similar subject then you will know what type of competition your up against. Check their back-links, are they from high PR sites or a bunch of lousy PR 0’s? If you know in your gut you can provide better value to the searcher with your website than go for it, you can outrank the competitors if you do the right things.

Having your domain as your keyword is a major plus (always stick ,.net,.org,  is 89 cents for a reason – it stinks and search engines do not like them). Does your keyword get enough visitors a day? You need to check all these stats out first before you jump into anything. Targeted niches are easy to rank for, think of “leather chairs” then go deeper like “red leather office chairs”, etc until you find a good one that has little competition and the competition on the 1st page has stats that you can compete with. Like a mechanic who needs the right tools to do the job is the same in the computer world, the right software makes the job a lot easier as so many applications are out there to help with SEO, keyword targeting, and link building. WordPress has become the best script to utilize in achieving high ranking website or blog sites as they have a lot of tools available for just about everything. If you have a website and set up a WordPress blog to promote it, that can really do wonders with all the new plugins available and SEO widgets.

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