Attention! Typical Internet Users Wanting to Upgrade to Windows 7 – Read Before You Buy!

Are you wondering weather or not you should upgrade to the new Windows 7 operating system?
Do you have Windows Vista and were you disappointed with the value you received?
Were you disgusted when Vista came on every new computer out there weather anyone wanted it or not?
Were you or did you know one of the many who chose to pay more for the option to downgrade to Windows XP because of its ease to use and reliability?
Or are you one of the few who don’t mind waiting the extra time for your computer to start up?
people only want Windows 7 because it is the next “must-have” system?
If you are weighing the decision to get this new operating system and you do not care about all the technical mumbo jumbo, then look no further. Most people will not care either way as long as they can do the same stuff they were doing before but with less issues. I should know, as I am one of those people.
I figure there are thousands of people out there like myself who are wondering how this may or may not affect them. I bought a new Sony Vaio laptop from Future Shop not even a month ago, so I was promised a free upgrade to Windows 7. What I wanted to know was, will I be able to switch over to this new operating system easily, and do I get to keep all my files and everything else downloaded on my computer, or will everything be gone? I did some research and this is what I found…
I wanted to first poke around and gather info about what it is typical people like myself would be interested in and how this operating system is different and/or better than Vista or any of the operating systems widely in use today.
From Wikipedia I found out about the new features. I sifted through 15 pages just to find there are only a few features I actually care about.
For starters, there will be improved boot performance—-THANK THE STARS!!! I don’t know about the rest of the people specifically using Vista, but I for one did not think it would take as long as it does to get to working on something after my computer is turned on with a BRAND NEW COMPUTER!
I found on one site that the average start up time from post to first view of the desktop screen is 3 minutes, 15 seconds. WOW. (For those of you who also don’t know what post means, it stands for Power On Self Test and it is a check to make sure your computer is OK to begin loading your operating system. It’s the part of the process that will let your computer finish starting up and if there is a problem with one or more components you will see that dreaded blue or black screen.)
There will now also be access from the start menu all of the items us “average folk” recognize as plug-in devices, as well as printers. This will take you to options pertaining to these external devices faster and replaces the previous control panel function just titled “Printers”. You will now be able to control options regarding things like microphones, cameras and fax machines from this easier-to-find location.
There is also the ever-talked about feature of the touch screen, which sounds really good in theory but I’d advise getting a protection film specifically for your screen to increase the longevity of it.
Getting down to the questions I sought after, I finally found it on Yahoo Answers. It appears as though I will have to either transfer everything on a DVD or get a flash drive and store all my files on there. I also looked into transferring programs to Windows 7 from Vista, and that only seems to be able to be done is an unfortunate time consumer if I ever heard of one!
One of my favourite applications, Calculator, has gotten a facelift as well. They have added features called programmer and statistics mode, as well as unit conversion and date calculation. This is awesome, as I have more than once for baking purposes had to Google for conversions from grams to teaspoons. This will happen no more 🙂 This will now be similar to a good quality scientific calculator.
For unknown purposes then and now, internet spades, backgammon and checkers are now back on Windows 7 as they were removed from Vista. This was just amusing to me, but I love spades, so bring it on!
My conclusion is that if you are satisfied with Vista or XP (

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