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Website Analyze

While having a blog website is fun, the truth is you probably really like knowing how many website visitors you have. You might like knowing what brought the visitors to your WordPress site. Then finding out what it is visitors seemed to like and read on your website would really help you know what people want.

This is where website statistics programs work. Luckily there are many choices to upload on your WordPress website, which means you are bound to find one you like.

Google Analytics for WordPress

Track your site statistics easily with this blog plugin. It adds the Google Analytics tracking code to help you track all the links on your website. You can even see how many pageviews a category, post type or author receives.

Google Analyticator

With this WordPress plugin you can start tracking your website stats when you enter your tracking code number. It supports the standard Google Analytics and outboard link tracking. It includes an easy to read graph of the last 30 days on your admin dashboard.


You can read your website stats directly from your dashboard. Read your visitors per day, the referrers and what pages were viewed. This WordPress blog plugin also allows you to monitor your social media influence. Check your rating on Alexa, Technorati and multiple other sites.


To analyze your site statistics with this WordPress plugin, you need your API key. Once activated you can check all your blog stats on a single page. You will know which posts and pages are popular and how many pageviews you are getting. Learn where your traffic comes from and what link sends them off your site.


This plugin brings the powerful features of StatCounter to your blog. You get real time statistics with detailed tracking and analysis. You will know what keywords visitors used to find your site. You can know how visitors navigate around your website and which pages they visit most often.

Blog Stats by W3Counter

You can easily add W3Counter site statistics to your dashboard. This features real time stats and includes pages views over the last 7 days. Learn what the top posts, top referrers, top searches and more.

Woopra Analytics Plugin

A comprehensive WordPress plugin that allows you to manage multiple blogs and websites. Performs live tracking to give you web statistics quickly. You can see a wide variety of site statistics on your website traffic and know what brings them to your site and what keeps them there.

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