A Look Around The Omnia 7 From Samsung

Image result for Omnia 7The new Omnia 7 is the first handset from prolific brand Samsung to utilise the new Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft. It pits itself directly in competition with the impressive HTC HD7 for the title of best smartphone running on the system.
Despite the array of superb features on offer, it is unquestionably the display on the Omnia 7 that sets it apart from rival models. The superb contrast ratio of the screen allows a huge 16 million colours to be displayed. On any handset such a good screen would impress, but couple this with the new Windows 7 OS and it is a match made in heaven. The new OS uses a colourful homescreen which not only displays a wealth of information, but is also full of colour. The Super AMOLED screen found here is tailor made for this task. At 480 x 800 resolution, you can be assured of images looking defined and lifelike, whereas graphics also benefit from the high specification. An area where the screen technology is a huge advantage is in natural sunlight, a scenario which often highlights the disadvantages of the older LCD technology still used by many models. The capacitive touch panel proves responsive, with zooming rendered in an instant and the 4″ size generally making most tasks easier than they would be on a smaller screen.
Thanks to strict guidlines set by Microsoft there is very little variation between the Samsung Omnia 7 and other models in terms of layout. Samsung have however opted to place a physical home button beneath the screen, rather than a touch sensitive one used by other models. This edges the handset more towards the iPhone in terms of look, not a bad thing considering the popularity of Apples handset. The excellent Zune marketplace which is used by the Windows OS means downloading of music is simple and visually impressive, an there is even the option to stream music to your handset rather than physically download it. The fact that there is a 3.5mm headphone jack on this model enables you to use a wide choice of headphones with this model, whereas an RDS FM tuner offers you a nice alternative to your audio files, especially if you want to catch up with local or national news.
The Samsung Omnia 7 is the best example of a Windows 7 phone to date. The Super AMOLED display is perfect for the impressive new interface, whilst the range of multi media features should please users everywhere.

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